At this month's meetup, Lyndon Institute faculty member Mike Lowe will talk about the ways that a growing outdoor recreation sector is impacting the local economy. He'll explain how his Project Bike Tech program allows students to feed into this area of opportunity. He'll also discuss the way that bikes have changed in the past decade, exploring the evolution of bike tech to where it is today.

Project Bike Tech is a two-year program at Lyndon Institute, a local independent high school, where students learn industry certification, using bicycle mechanics as a conduit to teach STEM and other essential academics. Kingdom Trails is a program partner, and provides free passes and internship opportunities to students.

At Lyndon Institute, Mike Lowe teaches two sessions of Project Bike Tech, as well as teaching Personal Finance and coaching the mountain biking team. Previously, Mike was on faculty at Gould Academy, and held the role as the Dean of Community Life. Prior to that he served for 20 years in the U.S. Navy, serving his final tour as the Deputy Defense Intelligence Liaison Officer in Ottawa, Canada. Mike is a Category 1 Mountain Biker/Gravel Racer and has achieved numerous Single Speed wins at national level events.

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