By the end of this four-week hybrid course, employees will have the practical tools to treat people more fairly through teamwork and respect. You'll also leave with a better understanding of why diversity and inclusion matters in the workplace.

To build an inclusive culture, it’s time to shift from talking about diversity and inclusion to taking action. This powerful hybrid boot camp is designed to strengthen both diversity awareness and inclusive practices within organizations. Suitable for employees and managers at any level, this class will help employees understand diversity, understand different types of diversity, and the origins of differences. You'll dive into discussions on how diversity affects individuals, groups of employees, and entire organizations. The case for diversity and inclusion as they affect a company's bottom line is also addressed.

Date: April 22-May 20, 2020

Cost: $349

Location: NVU-Lyndon campus and Online

For more information, contact: Ann Nygard, Director of Center for Professional Studies
[email protected]

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