This month's local meetup group will focus on machine learning for the rural professional. Join us as our presenters demystify buzzwords like “machine learning”, “AI”, “neural nets”, and more. Do you already use or interact with machine learning, and don’t even know it? If you’re someone who wants to learn about using machine learning in your professional life, you’ll find out whether and how machine learning can help answer your professional problems.


Two coworkers with machine learning experience from Weidman Electrical Technology will present:

Alex Brown is a Systems Programmer for Weidman and owner of Crash Boom Works LLC, a software consulting company. Alex has been building software professionally for little over a decade and doing IT for nearly 15 years. He recently entered the machine learning landscape when he saw business logic processes starting to turn in that direction, which led down the rabbit hole that is machine learning.

Bowen Christopher is a student / inventor and Alex’s coworker at Weidman. He enjoys problem solving and sees machine learning as the next step to scalable problem solving in rural america. Bowen has developed several machine learning systems and worked with a variety of machine learning frameworks and applications to solve a variety of problems.

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