This course is a hybrid online and hardcore immersive in-person community building extravaganza, to help ground solopreneurs as they weave together their diverse interests, skills and experience. It's also FREE!

Vermont’s business ecosystem is unique, and this course is designed to help newcomers to the entrepreneurial scene develop supportive relationships within their communities and navigate the complexities of managing multiple revenue streams. Risk analysis will be a cornerstone of this class, endeavoring to provide entrepreneurs with a sense of security, proactiveness, and vision for the future that will limit the anxiety and ambiguity that can plague early business development.

This course is provided at no cost to participants through a generous grant from Think Vermont.

Each Friday, you’ll join your small group at your local coworking facility (Do North Coworking is a host site) to livestream into the course, along with two other livestreamed sites. Then, once per week, your local small group will plan a power-hour coffee working session where you’ll dig into the course materials, set aside time to workshop any issues that are coming up, and really get some work done. There will be one required everyone-in-the-same-location meet-up in week 8 to celebrate your work and meet tons of people from around the state who can help you in your business.

Course Time Commitment:
- 3 hours, every Friday February 14 - April 17, 10am – 1pm
- 1-2 hours, every week. In your first session, your local small group (Accountability Partners group) will decide on a time & place to commit to meet throughout the course based on your availability.

Space is limited. Apply today!