WHAT: The Town of Lyndon has been awarded a USDA Rural Business  Development Grant which will be used to provide small businesses in Lyndon with technical assistance. Upon satisfactory completion of project grant  money will pay up to 100% of project.   

HOW: Eight businesses can receive up to $2,500 from this grant; available  on a first come first served basis. Businesses must provide letter of interest to Lyndon’s Economic Development Committee.

LEARN MORE: Attend an informational meeting on September 23rd at  6:30pm at Do North Coworking - 930 Broad St. Lyndonville.  

The money can be used for: Website Development:  
● Basic Information Website 
● Content Site 
● Ecommerce Strategy 
● Update an Existing Website Audience Development  
● Social Media 
● Search engine optimization (SEO) 
● Content creation 
● Review Site Setups (Yelp, Google Places, Trip Advisor, etc.) 
● Marketplace Setups (Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, etc.)

● Your business is on Depot St. or inside Lyndon’s designated downtown 
● Your business has fewer than 50 employees 
● Less than $1 million in gross profit

QUESTIONS?  Contact Lyndon’s Economic Development Committee by email at:  [email protected]